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I'm Rachel, a teacher turned full-time mom, chasing our twins all over by plane, train, and auto.

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About Us

Hi, there, and welcome! 

I'm the Chief Writer and Twin Wrangler around here. The highlights are that we're an American family living in Germany, traveling Europe, and N. Africa in our spare time. 

The longer story is that I was a teacher when I got pregnant in 2014. We learned early on (while Hubs was actually on a work trip) that we were having twins, and felt like it didn't make sense to pay for daycare on a teaching salary. A year later when I was preparing to go back to teaching, we decided to move to Germany. 

Even before we moved, getting out and traveling with our boys was important to us. We took them to 52 breweries before they were 52 weeks old, and we took them on short flights and road trips across the East Coast and Midwest. Now, we're planning 3-6 day trips around Europe (and N. Africa in 2020!), and taking 2 kids with us on all our trips. 

Follow along,for hotel, restaurant, and activity recommendations!